Many people consider cockroaches to be an unsightly nuisance, and this article will help you learn several ways how to cockroach infestationget rid of cockroaches from your home, and prevent them from coming back.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Nobody wants to have a cockroach problem in their home, and when it comes to how to get rid of cockroaches, prevention is an important step.  After all, it is easier to prevent cockroach problems than to eliminate a growing infestation in your home.

If prevention doesn’t work, or in addition to preventative measures, there are also several methods for trapping or killing cockroaches.  At Best Pest Control Brisbane they explain that many people think that cockroach infestation is stereotypically associated with messier homes, but that is fairly inaccurate, because in reality any home is vulnerable to a cockroach problem- they are very resilient insects that require very little to survive, and once they’ve entered a home, they can be persistent.  The fast-growing nature and negative reputation of cockroaches makes how to get rid of cockroaches a high priority for any homeowner once they begin to see signs of cockroach infestation in their home, and luckily there are several methods, which can be used in combination, to get rid of the unwelcome guests.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches:

  • Exclusion: Inspection and Elimination of Hiding Places
  • Starvation/Dehydration: Denying them Food and Water
  • Chemicals: Bait Traps and Insecticides

Exclusion: Inspection and Elimination of Cockroach Hiding Places

The first step in how to get rid of cockroaches in your home is to inspect for conditions that encourage cockroach infestation and breeding.  Cockroaches are quite happy with very minimalist conditions, and are attracted to environments that are dark, moist, and warm.  On both the interior and exterior of your home, including porches and garages, you’ll want to seal any cracks in the foundation, ceiling, baseboards, or walls that are larger than about 3 millimeters.  You’ll also want to inspect the seals around any doorways or windowsills.  Leaking faucets or pipes should also be repaired as soon as possible.

Sanitation and Housekeeping

Good, regular sanitation and housekeeping practices are an important part of how to get rid of cockroaches.  The kitchen, the bathroom, and any known cockroach hiding places you know of, are the important areas to focus on when addressing housekeeping as a means for getting rid of cockroaches, and you’ll want to keep in mind that cockroaches are most active overnight.  To eliminate potential water sources for the cockroaches, you’ll want to make sure no faucets are dripping, spills are wiped up immediately, and dishes are washed regularly.  Make sure that any leftover food, including pet food, is disposed of regularly, in a covered trash container, and empty the trash regularly.   Make sure that closet and cabinet shelves, as well as the areas behind appliances are regularly cleaned and swept.  Inspect your home, both inside and outside, and discard any piles of clutter cockroaches may be using as a hiding place.

Chemicals: Bait Traps and Insecticides

You can make a simple cockroach bait trap at home, or there are several cockroach trap options available for purchase.  One type of trap available in stores, which contains no insecticide, looks like a large matchbox that is very sticky on the inside, and the sticky adhesive immobilizes the cockroach.

Other traps are gel-based, and entice the cockroach with food, but also contain poison, which the cockroach brings back to the nest, which kills the cockroaches there.  You’ll want to remember to keep cockroach traps and insecticides away from children and pets.  There are also spray insecticides you can spray in areas where you see cockroaches, or spray on cockroaches directly.  You can also use a chemical fogger to get rid of cockroaches, but you can’t be home, and neither can your pets, if you decide to use this method. For more tips on how to get rid of cockroaches, click here. Insecticides and traps can be messy, and may take several weeks to work, so if you are faced with a serious cockroach problem or don’t have time to stop the infestation yourself, you’ll want to call a local pest control company, as they will have stronger options, and more expertise for dealing with this issue.

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