spider-controlMy wife and I recently purchased and moved into our first home. We couldn’t be any more excited and are extremely happy with the house with one exception there is a serious spider problem.

Having never had to deal with insect intruders before, I needed to conduct a little bit of online research to figure out what we needed to do to rid our home of bugs forever. Before sorting to get help from professionals within our area such Spider Control Sydney (which is by the way, the best solution I could ever think of), I first made few research just so to have even a little bit of idea about these little “invaders”. ┬áThis article outlines the spider control tips that I learned.

First things first. If spiders are taking over your home, you have to start by cleaning up the house. It is important to get rid of all cobwebs located throughout the house, especially in the basement, as well as potential sources of spider infestations, such as clutter in the backyard or piles of firewood.

Make sure to keep your kitchen spic and span. Leaving out food is a surefire way to attract insects that spiders prey on. It is a good idea to clean countertops daily and keep all garbage containers tightly sealed.

The next spider control step is to spray all entry points to your home with an effective insecticide such as Cyper WP, D-Fense SC, or Onslaught FastCap Spider. Spray around doors, washer and dryer connections, windows, and crevices and cracks. Also spray the insecticide in areas of your home that you notice spider webs. Corners are a particularly attractive area for spiders looking to create webs.

Some sprays are effective for 30 days, while others are effective for up to three full months, so read the label of the insecticide you choose to use to determine how often you will need to spray around your home.

Insecticide dusts may also be helpful. D-Fense Dust, for example, lasts for a minimum of six full months. It is easy to use in attics and wall voids. Additionally, an aerosol insecticide spray packaged with a special crevice and crack tip may be extremely useful for times when you need to get at areas that cannot be reached by a normal liquid insecticide. You can use it to apply insectide to hard-to-reach areas in corners, underneath baseboards and surrounding door frames.

Special spider traps can be helpful in removing spiders as well. Place out spider traps in areas of your basement or attic to catch spiders in your attic, basement or any other area of your home that you suspect is infested with spiders. In addition to capturing spiders, the spider traps serve as a monitoring tool to let you know just how free of spiders your home really is.

If possible, all entry points to the home should be sealed off. Repair any broken window screens and seal up crevices and cracks that spiders may be using to get into your home.

Although spiders are generally beneficial, after all they eat other insects, my wife and I are not comfortable having them overrun our home. If you feel the same way, follow the tips I’ve outlined above to keep your home pest free. Know more spider facts here.

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